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Congratulations on your decision to purchase a pre-owned European auto! 

To ensure against a compromised acquisition, we strongly recommend a thorough vehicle inspection.
At Keltech, we conduct an extensive bumper-to-bumper examination. In order to provide a meticulous assessment, we prefer that the automobile is in "cold start" condition and recommend that the vehicle be left with us overnight. At the conclusion of our investigation, we provide a verbal account of our findings, followed by a detailed report.

Sometimes you just know when you've found a diamond and all you need is a general look over with an experienced eye. We can offer that peace of mind with our Level 1 Inspection.  If you need to know exactly what's going on under the hood, our Level 2 Inspection is for you.  And if you need us to dig deeper, our Level 3 Inspection is the most comprehensive.

Several clients have been in a better position to negotiate the purchase price of their vehicles by arming themselves with a Keltech Pre-Purchase Inspection. In fact, our clients have saved not only money but have avoided the potential headaches involved with buying a lemon.

​Appointments are required.
Pre-Purchase Inpections
Level 1  -  (from) $199
Level 2  -  (from) $399
Level 3 (time and price dependent on vehicle)
  • Road Test
  • Extensive Bumper-to-Bumper Visual Examination Covering:
Oil Leaks
  • Full Electronic Systems Scan
  • Highlights are provided verbally
  • ​General Report Outlined on Invoice
  • Wheel Check and Balancing Test
  • Charging System and Battery Strength Test
  • Verbal and Detailed Written Report with Photographs
Includes all items offered in Level 1, plus:
(written report provided within 48 hours)
Includes all items offered in Levels 1 & 2, plus:
  • Compression Test or Leak Down Test
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